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Pamos' mission is to provide quick turnaround solution to companies to ensure laser printer can continue working and thus help their users to deliver their work expediently and help employers minimise wastage of useful resources when printers are down by appointing or outsourcing their printers' needs and maintenance to PAMOS.

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SILVER LEVEL : Ad Hoc Services
GOLD LEVEL : Preventive Maintenance Services
PLATINUM LEVEL : Comprehensive Maintenance Services


Why do we call ourselves "The LaserJet Specialist"? Because at PAMOS, we provide more than just quality repair and resale of Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers. We offer a level of service, value-added benefits, long-term commitment and support which truly sets us apart. We also help our clients enhance their competitive IT edge. How do we do that?

With the skill and know-how gained from over a decade repairing faulty HP toner cartridges, Pamos has grown to become a major manufacturer of quality toners in its own right.
With Pamos’ own invented technology, Pamos toner not only deliver consistent print quality and excellent solid graphics output but also deliver up to 25% longer product life than other print cartridges and at lower cost per page.

PAMOS offers three levels of service, repair and maintenance. Ad Hoc Services (SILVER LEVEL), Preventive Maintenance Services (GOLD LEVEL), and Comprehensive Maintenance Services (PLATINUM LEVEL). The level best for you will depend on several factors, including the quantity and age of your printers, your maintenance budget...



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